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Essex County Restraining Order Lawyers

Our Essex County Restraining Order Lawyers stand ready to fight for you. A restraining order hearing can be very complex because it is a summary proceeding. That is, unlike just about any other Essex County court case, there is no discovery; no prep time. You show up for trial at the first hearing without knowing what the other side will say or do. In addition, the law on the issue is complex as it is not as simple as whether or not an act of domestic violence occurred. Our team of tough, smart Newark restraining order lawyers know the law and know how to protect you.

Essex County Restraining Order Appeal Attorneys

Sadly, some people go to court in Essex County without a good restraining order attorney and as a result, they wind up with a Final Restraining Order (FRO). Unlike some other state, FRO's in New Jersey do not expire! Thus, we have a number of clients that either went by themselves or with another attorney but are now coming to us to do the appeal. If you want to appeal the entry of a final restraining order you must file the appeal within 45 days. Call the team of Newark Restraining Order Lawyers to discuss your appeal today.

Motion to Vacate / Dismiss a Restraining Order Lawyers

If you have a restraining order against you and it is too late to file an appeal, your best option may be to file a motion to vacate or dismiss the restraining order. Our Newark Restraining Order Lawyers can help you get this mark off of your record so you can get on with your life. Although there is no exact time limit as to when this motion should be filed, our Newark attorneys usually recommend our clients wait at least one year. However, you should call our Essex County restraining order lawyers today to discuss your specific case and your options.

Violation of Restraining Order Attorneys

One of the most serious aspects of a final restraining order is the potential violation which is written up as a criminal "contempt of court" charge. These criminal charges are treated very seriously and could lead to jail or prison time. Our Newark violation of restraining order attorneys have successfully defended clients against a wide variety of contempt charges. If you are facing a contempt charge in Essex County Superior Court, call the team of tough, smart Newark restraining order lawyers today.

Our Newark restraining order attorneys answer the phone after-hours so we are easy to reach in case of emergency. If you do get our voicemail, please leave a message and one of our Essex County Restraining Order Lawyers will return your call within hours. You won't have to wait to Monday morning to reach an attorney in the event of a weekend emergency. Our offices are easy to reach from anywhere in Essex County.

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